Call it what ever you want but we all need to take a break sometimes. I realized now how grateful i am for our 5 times a day prayer. It gives me breaks now and then from my crazy unschedule life.

Years ago i was told to schedule. To organized my time. I did but i didnt try hard enough to stick to it. I find it easier to give in and help others with their chores than handling my own.

Taking care of myself is never my best interest. I find myself longing for a full body massage. Dont forget the whole body scrub 1st. Oh how i long for that. But i can never make myself make that appointment. Having to leave the kids with whoever available is too much. I dont want to burden them. Hahhhhhh

Makes me wonder. Do we really need to decompressed?! How come others are able to go and go and go without having to have time for themselves? Or do they?!

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