Day 9

Day 9 since the incident. The day I learnt the true meaning of doing it all by myself. I was so used of having him around. Helping me with the kids and house chores.

Even on working days he would do his best to prepare the kids first then go to work. Except on days when he have to leave early or the kids are super rebellious of getting into the shower. 😂

I don’t really know how I feel. I keep on telling him that I am still figuring this out. Still trying to wrap my head around things. Days go by and my minds are cloudy at times. I felt like I am on autopilot mode. Parenting 3 kids are no easy task but surely doesn’t need too much of thinking.

The kids are puzzled as well. It’s clear that my 6 year old n my 4 year old are confused. They wasn’t sure how to react to this situation. So most of the times they are just avoiding things or us. Sometimes they came to us and tried to help.

This too shall pass 🙂

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