If you ask me what do i want, i can never answer you clearly.

If you ask me what i want to be, i can’t answer you as well.

Getting what you want is simple but never easy. It is hard to simply decide what we want mostly because we keep on making excuses.

We keep on saying we are fine when the truth is we are not fine. How can having debts and loans making you fine? You are not.

Are you?

When we said we are fine, we are actually saying that to ourself. We are consoling ourselves. It is not entirely wrong to do that, but at the same time, when we do that, we tend to settle. We simply accept things as they are without trying harder to change things for the better.

So what do i want?

What do i want to be?

Where do i picture myself in 5 years time? 10?

I am lost.

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