Let it go

Finally be able to let go some of the things i have been holding on for years. And i mean things including clothes, accesories and such. With such a heavy heart, i pack everything, telling myself they have been sitting in my closet far too long, its time for them to make someone else happy. I truly hope they will.

Just like in life. I am missing the old product so so much. I miss the support and info we get daily. I miss my friends. I miss the opportunity of making big fat cash. Ahaaaa. Truly honest here. Then i reminded myself the reason I left and there has been no regrets at all! I left because i have too. Yup I miss them but hello hello new opportunity (and a more positive environment).

Too many of us holding on to ‘things’ that we can simply let go. All those baggage are weighing us down. Draining our mental and physical energy. Human can only do so much. We don’t need the extra baggage.

So just simply let it go

Emotional baggage
Jom jadi macam Margery

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