My precious 2-year-old

Sometimes I feel like my two-year-old is running my life.

She’s a fully-breastfeeding baby, still is and at the same time unexceptionally bright and way above her years. Her words are like bullets day and night. Her motor skills and soft skills are like 5-year-olds.

One thing though, she has this separation anxiety! She can’t sleep unless I am there. Every bedtime is a drama. She will wail on top of her lungs if her dad decided to sleep late. Everybody must be in the bedroom when its time for her bedtime.

Whenever I woke up earlier than she did, she’ll wake up as well and cry her heart out! Asking me to get back to bed with her! When she is truly up, she’ll wake her daddy up! Usually by slapping his face with her little hands.


oh dear oh dear oh dear…what have we done?

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