I have an assignment to be completed and at the same time I knew that I need to post something here….so why not kill 2 birds with a stone?

me; trying to complete my assignment.

here we go….here are the questions

1- apakah sebenar-benarnya yg anda mahukan?

2- adakah apa yg anda mahukan itu sangat-sangat penting?

3- sekiranya ya, kenapa ianya penting? Untuk siapa?

4- Apakah ‘tapi’ anda? (aku nak…tapiiiiii)

5- Adakah anda sanggup pecahkan ‘tapi’ anda?


1- first and foremost, I want to be debt free. Now all left is my personal loan with dad, few friends and also my car loan (less than rm5k) and also my personal loan with the bank (several thousand).

Then what? I want a solid income monthly so I can live a carefree life. I want a solid income to pay for my bills monthly and to support my lifestyle as well as some saving for my kids. I also need to support my mother and father -in-law on monthly basis. I want to renovate my parents house and sponsored their umrah trip atleast once. I want to buy back all our gold bar that was pawned throughout last year and this year.

I want money. I want money. I want money

2- It is important. my goal in life is to be happy. and carefree. Now I am doubting myself. will I be happy with all the money? is this why its so hard for me to really achieve my sales target?



I’ve been opening up about my darkest fear, issues and trouble lately. It felt good. I forgot how empowering it is to admit that you have problems…from there on you can start finding solution! After all to heal, first you need to realize that you have something to be healed from! 

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