iyekan aje

2 kids and counting

shah and fatima

with shah, everything is a breeze…okay…not everything…almost everything

with fatima, everything is a tornado…hahaha…okay! not everything…almost everything 😛

she is a strong-willed child..a no is a no and a yes is a yes!

luckily with shah, i’ve learned to just go with the flow…

shah nak makan gna measuring spoon?

shah nak mandi dlm besen nenek cuci baju?

fatima nak pakai overall ontop of her pyjamas?

fatima nak main with the tupperware?


just say yes

just say yes mommies! as long as there is no harm done, just say yes!

it will make life much easier and less tiring

they will just do it anyway!

p/s: although the battle is actually with my own parents. my parents have this ethic…a child must behave a certain way..must dress a certain way and eat certain diet…errr…they make me feel like a hippies sometimes. hahaha

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