Set Bersalin mana satu?!

As usual my mind went numb the moment I decided to blog. I guess I think too much.

So number 2 is coming soon.

Am I ready?


Am I excited?


We had prince last time (who turned into a very naughty prince!) and insya allah we are going to have a princess this time.

Unlike last pregnancy, I didn’t spend my time reading and learning about childbirth and pregnancy and breastfeeding that much. Not that I feel prepared….but…entahlah. Maybe because it will be my 2nd time so deep inside I am prepared…kikiki

Today a really good friend of mine went to hypnobirthing class and she shared her experience with me. It really gets me excited all over again and then I remembered I did bought the hypnobirthing over play book on google! Heh…didn’t get the chance to finish reading it but that’s ok. At least I get to learn the ‘calming’ breathing technique.


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