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Where do i begin? i am feeling superbly awful for the last couple of days. Getting the flu just add in the misery.

Yesterday we had a wonderful online session with kak syira hussin. She is amazing … have I told you how amazing and humble and amazing she is? Yerps… She is pretty amazing. 🙂

December last year, i joined #teamelysiannurulain. It was great. The product was awesome. My sisters and my mom and even myself love it so much. It was our ‘staple’ skincare for month. But then i had some misunderstanding with the founder. What a was not so amazing after that. It is hard to be passionate about something when you have something-something with someone-someone. hahaha

So i started to look for another opportunity. Mind you, i was one of their best seller ok! Got myself some awesome gift from my awesome leader, nurul ain. She is another great person in this story. hehe. I love working with her. I learn a lot from her. 🙂

On one fine day, my former coursemate, comment on  kak syira hussin posts on fb…..

to be cont….




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