I just need to vent out


So last week I am all about being positive and positive and positive.


Phewwwww….who know being positive is quite tiring. I have to learn to restrain myself from commenting on so many things because when I think about it, I am being negative!


For example, so we have a new ‘colleague’. I was pissed off because she clearly lack the qualification nor the ethic to be part of the group. Can you at least spell correctly?! I know it’s a slang but it is really getting into my nerves! Teenagers with attitude problems spell like that!


But apart from that, all is well. The good news is, I have more time for myself or rather to get things done. I did a lot actually for the past couple of days and yup…pretty please with myself. Heh heh heh


Eliminating toxic people from my life is the best thing ever!

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