Terasa much?

There is a saying in Malay, “siapa makan cili, dia lah terasa pedasnya”. Which means, if you did something wrong, you will feel the guilt. Or something like that.

So lately I have been more outspoken, (please blame the hormones), and I find more and more people getting upset. The truth is, I wasn’t thinking of them when I said some things.

Ok for example, we were talking about elective Caesarian. I have explained to them that in my case, I define elective caesarian as something you decide for fun. It is trending now. More and more people go for ‘elective caesarian’ because they want the ‘good’ date. Some simply wants to avoid the labour pain. For me that is unacceptable because it is a major surgery!

I am not talking about those who need to have Caesarian because it is a life or death decision! I am not!

So why are the ones who have no choice, terasa?! Feel offended?! I wasn’t talking about you. You have no choice right? Oh dear…

Sometimes I really wish I can keep my mouth shut!

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