Nowadays, with the ‘information at your fingertips’, it is so easy to gain information…
Information is merely information. I guess that is why so many netizen are being mislead by the information. Whatever…I am not here to preach about netizen and the keyboard warrior and such.
When I was pregnant, I read everything about childbirth! Every single thing except one… ceaser! I was so determined about having a natural childbirth, I refuse to even think about it. I read about epidurals and such…not because I intend to have them, but because I want to let my body know that having epidural is one way to jeopardize my natural childbirth. Alhamdulillah I was blessed to have a natural childbirth…
But at the same time, in the farthest corner of my heart and mind, I remind myself that if I have to be operated, I will accept it with and open mind… but only if I have to!
I read and when my son was born, I asked the nurse if I am doing it right…I asked several of them because I can see the doubt in their if they are not sure….should have asked for a lactation consult! Isk…
But I went home and I read some more… I was surrounded with people who are breastfeeding their child… I joined the breastfeeding group…
Even now I am still reading and learning about breastfeeding. I learn about my body…about how if I didn’t eat rice the night before, I will be in trouble the next day. I learned that if I drink enough water, eat sensibly and pump on time, I am close to be one of these oversupply mom (but nope…I don’t want that!)
Everything else.
It is the same with everything else. Learn and learn some more. How hard could it be? Ask around. Read books and not some bogus online article! Get reliable sources.

Surround yourself with negative thinking and you will fail even before you start.

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