mumble shuvvle

Jom update blog sebelum blog ini menjadi padang jarak padang terkukurrrr

1-     Ada org kata, minum susu lembu, kita akan dapat DNA lembu, jd kita akan jadi pemarah. ehmmm….memang dalam islam jelas dikatakan, we are what we eat…..tapi agak2la kak oiii…. totally disagree with how she explains it. If it is that easy to transfer DNA, then we will have millions of XMEN…you know, the mutated human being!

2-     I am still bfing prince! yeayyyyyyyy……why do I need to share it?! because it is hard work!!! and because august is world breastfeeding month and because it is my blog!

3-     My battle with my weight is never-ending issue. I miss the normal weight me. I have never been skinny and I will never be skinny. but I am so tired physically and mentally of being overweight! when will this end?!

4-     Ada org kata, dia dapat duit derma berbilion2 …ehmmmmm….whatever. I am done judging you. Pemimpin yg kejam akan di adili di akhirat kelak. eh noooo….i am not saying that our pemimpin is cruel…I am just saying, ‘ pemimpin yang kejam akan di adili di akhirat kelak.’
that’s it…hehe….too many things on my mind….and I just cant arrange them in words…its all mumble shuvvle in my head…..

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