UTC – Urban Transformation Center

pusat lalalalalala
berkhidmat UNTUK rakyat!

Sekiranya buat mykid d JPN (jabatan pendaftaran negara), mengambil masa 1-2 hari untuk siap. Halangan terbesar untuk pergi ke JPN di sini, parking! Not to mention the distance from parking to the building itself.

Then they build UTC. The building is so pretty, expensive (well…it looks expensive)…tiles and all…fully air-conditioned. The carpark is nearby. With elevators! The design is so modern and airy and impressive. So we were excited to go there. After all, the distance between JPN itself and UTC here is about 10-15mins of driving.

Tetapi…tetapi…sekiranya buat mykid di cawangan JPN di UTC, mengambil masa 3 bulan utk siap!

  • JPN di UTC tiada mesin pencetak mykid.
  • Borang mykid yg di hantar ke JPN di UTC akan di hantar ke Kuala Lumpur untuk di proses.

Sebab itulah kami mengambil masa 3bulan untuk menyiapkan mykid encik!

My question is,
  •       Why can’t they afford their own printing machine in UTC?!
  •       Why can’t they simply use JPN in Kuching to process all the forms HENCE shorten the period?! (not to mention the financial cost of sending the documents to Kuala Lumpur….labour cost, time cost!?! )

I don’t know how efficient other department in UTC is but this definitely ruin my expectation!

And as always, you guys are wasting our money! 
We are paying everything yet the service still S*U*C*K*S!

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