used to

I used to write all the time. Let it be blog post or a diary entry, I used to write it wherever and whenever about whatever.
Somehow that changed… and I am not sure why.
I guess it is because my life is less complicated now. My life is not easy but it is not as complicated as it used to… and yes… it is less exciting as well.
Nope…scratch that…for me it is exciting. It is just that right now my world revolve around my son… Every day is a new day for us and it is so exciting … yesterday I saw him climb up the sofa so effortlessly…and it bring tears to my eyes. I am proud and touched at the same time… time fly so so so fast… I teach him the words ‘minum’ and he says it after me ‘nummmm’ … my heart leap in joy!!!
It is that kind of things and I don’t find that urge to share everything about him here or anywhere else….of course I wanted to talk about him alllll the freaking time but I also realized how boring it is to others! (not that my blog was that interesting before right?! and yet here you are…reading my boring post :P)

So yup…that’s why I don’t blog anymore. Plus my passion are only in breastfeeding now…and also being a mom…you guys can always ask me about breastfeeding! Please do…I am willing to do extra reading about it! muahaha…. my husband said I have a disorder…. ‘acute-reading-syndrome’…heh heh heh… but it helps me a lot. Who am I without knowledge right? And it is soooooo easy to get reading material nowadays! 

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