Folic Acid

There has been a debate about the function of folic acid in fertility, especially woman fertility. It is general knowledge that folic acid is needed to lower the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect (spina bifida)…in other words for your baby’s nerves and spinal cord to develop properly you must consume enough folic acid during pregnancy.
Lately, more and more moms say they become pregnant after consuming folic acid religiously! So I do what I did best….google! I google and found reliable articles regarding this. According to the article, folic acid can actually help human to conceive!
 Apart from helping our fetus to grow healthily, folic acids are also helping our body to produce a healthier eggs (and sperms!)…when our eggs (and sperms) are healthy, the chances to conceive are much higher!
In other words, folic acid is not a fertility treatment drugs! But it can be considered as a supplement to boost your fertility! That is why you need to consume folic acid the moment you are trying to conceive!
how do I know this?!

I have an acute-reading-syndrome! 😛

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