To be a centenarian

#1 – Moves…always
               It means be active all the guy. The 100 year old guy still drives himself to the gym. He still works out at the gym! The 100 yr old lady still gardening 3-4 hours everyday.
#2 – eat healthily
               We should eat less meat but more vegetable. Avoid processed food. Stay organic…stay natural.
#3 – Love your family
               Have a great relationship especially with your family members; your spouse, children, grandchild, siblings etc
#4 – Have life purpose
               People, who want to live longer, will live longer. People who don’t, might get their wish granted as well.
#5 – (I honestly cant remember the last tips)
I watched Khawater last night. Shuqairi visits 2 of the centenarian. One of them is the lady from Okinawa. Not only she is 100 year old plus, she is still active. Mind and body! She even cooked for them. Her wish is that when she gets old (as if she is still young! Haha)….when she gets old, she will get sick for 10days at most then die. She didn’t want to be a burden to anyone.

The second centenarian he visited was an old wise guy from Loma Linda, California. The guy can still drive. His destination? The gym! At the gym, Shuqairi notices there other people in their 60s working out…like it was a no big deal. Shuqairi asked him what his worst day was (or hardest day…can’t exactly remember which)…anyway…the old guy finds difficulty to answer it. Finally he said it has to be the day when his wife died, which is a few years back. He even remembered their last conversation together;
Her: I love you.
Him: I love you too.
Her: I love you ‘three’ …

It must be a very heartwarming memory for him because we can see him smiling fondly as he remembers it…

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