The fact is after your baby has taken antibiotic, most of her good bacteria will be dead as well. (just like us adults).

It is no surprised that most kid will get sick repeatedly even after taking antibiotics and other meds religiously.

It is a good idea to ‘maintain’ or ‘breed’ the good bacteria before, during & after taking antibiotics.

One of the easiest ways is by eating pre- and probiotics…ie yogurt and such

Another way is to avoid antibiotics all together. Kids below 1year old are not encouraged taking any meds anyway.

There is no need to take antibiotics if your kids just have the regular flu…or the regular fever….increase their fluid intake, monitor their temperature, keep them cool (using wet towel and such)…

Most of the time, I went to the doctor just to be sure that it is nothing serious.

Most of the time, the doctor will prescribe medicines for our little one.

If it is nothing serious, why not skip the med?

Once you give your kids antibiotic, it is highly likely she or he will need it again sooner than later… 🙁

Just something to ponder…
p/s: this is based on my readings on articles by my beloved homeopathy doctor…lets read more… 😉

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