Reverse Cycling

Nope I am not a cyclist now…. I am still a breastfeeding mom! 

Do you know that there is such term in the world of breastfeeding?!

Reverse Cycling!

Hikksss….macam2 la skarang

Anyway, reverse cycling is when baby is nursing more at night instead of day time.

It is ok as long as baby is gaining weight and active (means they are not starving!)

This may happen due to; i) baby too active and too distracted to nurse at day time
ii) mom is too busy to nurse/ working moms

No 1 is exactly what happened to my baby. He started to stop sleeping through the night when he was around 5-6months. The same time when he started to become more interested in his surroundings. I can remember clearly that was the time when the ‘niplash’ started:


Get the idea?! (don’t forget to imagine the pain…. :P)

So anyway….since then, we never sleep through the night again. I can’t remember the last time I have a really good night sleep.

At first, I was pretty depressed about it. I miss my sleep and I am tired all the time. I become cranky and snap at everything…everytime!

But now, I accept the fact that I will never ever sleep through the night again! And I should remind myself that our breastfeeding journey will end sooner that I imagine T_____T

So I am embracing the moment 😀

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