Milk kick in

Okay….hello new mamaS

Let’s talk about ‘milk kick in”

I don’t know who invented this term.

I am not even sure what exactly it means.

milk kick-in

Based on my reading on the group, where this term was use far too often, it simply means when your ‘real’ milk come…after the colostrum…

So my question is that, colostrum is not ‘real’ milk?!

I have no idea why such term was created.

What I know is that, this term allow some moms to whine and cry about how their newborn tummy are not full because their milk haven’t  ‘kick in”.

Feels like kicking myself whenever I say ‘kick in’!

What is that?! What is this?!

Your newborn tummy is unbelievably small when they were born! Few drops of colostrum will keep them satisfied.

So why did they refuse to let go of their mommy nipple?!

Because that is the closest they can be from their previous home; your womb!

Because that is the only way they can hear the sound they have been hearing for the last 9 months; your heartbeat! (though I am not so sure how good is their hearing..kikiki)

Because that is the warmest and coziest place on earth for them!

And because, that is the stimulation you need as a new mom for your breast to start producing more milk! (ohhhh…maybe this is where this term started! Okay…my bad)

Women not only need to love their body more…but they also need to trust their body more.

They need to believe that their body are design to survive labour and to give birth to child and they need to believe that their boobies are design to nurse their babies!

Of course there are some of us who have some challenges…but lets cross the bridge when we get there.

Why can’t we simply believe that we can do this?!

And remember…walking is natural as well…we never doubt our feet when we started to walk…but it still need some practice….

Same like breastfeeding.

The best part is, we are now old enough to learn more and to understand more….(compared to the time when we first take that 1st step!)

All mamaS got milk! 😀

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