Why I wish my 1 year old drink (milk) less…

 … and eat more.

Little one is turning 1 soon.
He is still exclusively breastfeed.
He is also taking solid. Breakfast (most of the time). Lunch and early dinner (or should I say high tea…cuz he would have it around 6-630pm)! Now he even have the appetite for dinner (around 8 pm).
I do hope his milk-drinking session would slowly decrease. I don’t want it to totally stop. NO! but I do hope he would rely more on the food for his energy. WHY?
1st- my milk production is getting less and less…but it still meet his demand! I see this as good and bad thing. I don’t want to wean him yet but I just can’t produce milk just like I did before. I couldn’t miss even one pumping session. Or else he won’t enough milk when I am at work.
2nd– I refuse…strictly refuse to give him formula milk. I do hope my milk will last till he is at least 1 year and above. The good news is, once your baby turns 1, he can drink milk. I mean true milk instead the formula  heh….i am not informed enough to tell you about formula milk vs real milk. All I know I don’t want my kid to drink formula milk simply because I want him to eat/drink less processed food/drink.
3rd– I read about how our 2 3 year old rely on milk for their energy. They refuse to eat real food and parents spend fortune on buying milk (money is an issue!). Most of the time, the kid will become underweight/overweight, have dental problems (because most of this milk has high sugar content) and worse, drinking milk far too much, can cause kidney problem (read about this from an article written by a homeopathy doctor…and it seems logic!)
There. That’s my three reasons. I am not an epitome of health. I am overweight most of my life and I am just turning 30.
I just hope my kid will be healthier… 😉

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