New Year

Nothing much has change.

Except I am getting older…and wiser…AMIN!

My mind is very occupied lately, I find myself thinking about one thing after another.

This morning I woke up and as I was nursing my son, I felt like I’ve been up for hours. ‘Looking’ into my brain, I realized I’ve been thinking about so many things at one time….work, home, my son, his food, his nanny, his tummy-trouble… aha…I know I know…all I can think about is my son.

But I am sincerely tired. I am losing my focus. I can close my eyes and ‘feel’ my brain going to 1001 directions! My body is tired but my mind wont stop thinking!
My main concern right now is shah diet…he started solid months ago. Before this it is just introduction…but since he is turning 1 soon, food no longer just an introduction to him. He needs it for his active lifestyle ( if he has other lifestyle! :P)

I need to stock up my fridge and my kitchen pantry ( reminds me…I need to have one! A proper one…aiyerrrr)

So so tired…..oh…and happy new year

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