How annoying it is to have a mosquito in your office?! Just that one little thing….. just that one tiny weeny mosquito….yup…I am pretty much annoyed right now.
How annoying it is when one person is telling a story, and before you can even complete one introductory sentence, the other person jumps in with her opinion. Hello! I haven’t done talking.

How annoying it is to have your neighbor cats wondering around your house, stealing food? I guess it is even more annoying when you realized that your neighbor has dozen of cats and quickly you assume that the cats are not well-fed…thus explaining their stealing!

Oh well…there are thousands of things I can be annoyed at. I used to be far more easily annoyed before this… well…I still am….but I am learning to hide it. To let it pass before I even realized it…. I realized that my life is far too short and I have too many blessings to be counted (count your blessings, remember?!)….

So now whenever I started to get annoyed, I will say, ”La haula wa la quwwata illa billah”. (Tiada daya dan tiada kekuatan kecuali dengan pertolongan Allah semata-mata)…. There is no strength without Allah’s help…. The same zikir I keep on saying when I was in labour….seriously….no…seriously! or when my baby was warded…never underestimated the power of zikir!

Have I told you guys about this one family? From the moment I enter their house, to the moment I leave, they never stop berzikir! Allahhuakbar…the serenity you feel entering their house is indescribable! Don’t get me wrong…they do chat with you….but they weave in the zikir in between. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Peace. 😛

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