9 months later

9 months later…and guess what is on my mind?!

Breastfeeding! Heu heu heu…

Talk about being stuck doing something…

Nope…scratch that…I am not stuck doing it….it is just something that I have to do and I am doing it willingly (excuse my complains dear mr.husband!)

Do you know that breastfeeding moms are not encouraged to donate their blood?! You are allowed to donate blood 9 months after childbirth but if you are still breastfeeding, they do not allow you to do so. Some may let you but not here in Sarawak.

Do you know that breastfeeding moms burns extra 500kcal perday?! (“errr…..so why are you still as big as jumbo dear mommy?!”…err I cant really answer that… T____T)

Do you know that for the baby to be truly benefited from breast milk , they must be fully breastfeed for more than 6 months?

Do you know that the breast only produce one type of milk…that is breast milk! Heu heu heu….but the older milk will lose its fat after sometime (but not the nutrition) and we call this foremilk…it is lighter and has less fat…then the fresher ones has more fat ..so it is heavier(?) and it is call the hind milk … both are beneficial to baby. Our granny are right about breastmilk being “air dan nasi”… but one thing they get confused is that, both breast will produce that ‘air dan nasi’ …and not right breast ‘air’ and left breast ‘nasi’…  so dear mommy, you should feed your baby from only one breast per session…if your baby is still not full, and your breast already emptied, then you can change to the other side….pahe dok mu? 😉

Do you know that breastfeeding is the most effective contraceptives?! My gynae told me this…so I think it must be true….

Do you know breastfeeding is the most natural thing to do…but like walking, it takes some practice. 🙂

Happy breastfeeding mommies! 

Don’t stop…don’t ever give up…when you said you can’t do this anymore, delay it for another day…say that you will do it for just one more day…and the next day, say it again, “just one more day”….and before you know it, you will be breastfeeding your child for 2 years! Most moms who stop breastfeed sooner than they planned to, regret it sooner or later! …

so ‘just one more day!’

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