There is one tv programmed that I truly love right now, ‘Surviving Motherhood”. Its on EVE chanel…cant remember when because I have it recorded every series.

Anyway, how should I describe it? Every week a group of mom, who have never met, come together and discuss motherhood issues. Mind you it is about everything…including “sex vs sleep”..ahaha…you know how open orang puteh are!

What I truly love about this program is that it is so spontaneous. And the issues they are discussing are real!

Besides getting advice from other mom on the program, they also give us advice from the experts. So there, it’s not totally bogus…

Come to think of it, moms do need friends. They need mommy friends. Moms worry about everything all the time. So they need friends who can actually rationalized them, all the freaking time! HAHA…

I am lucky to have this one group of friends, we have never met in real life (some of them actually manage to meet…but not me…huwaaaa)…anyway, we first ‘met’ in babycenter then someone suggest that we form a whatsapp group…so we did…at that time we are just entering our 3rd trimester…and now here were are…our babies are crawling and climbing around! 🙂

They are my savior….we talk about our babies all the freaking time and we talk about everything else some other time….we talk about everything! Haha…luckily it is not a public group.

So my advice to you is, get friends…make friends…make friends with the same interest…

Right now I am looking for a group of breastfeeding mothers…heuheuheu….so I can complain n whine without being judged! 😛

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