Cuz I am lucky ducky

So he is teething….for about a week or two! Ngeh ngeh ngeh…..moms, please be jealous of me! hehe…just kidding.

But I am lucky….his cranky phase is over before we know it….or is it just us? Is it because my husband n me is just too excited for him to even realized he is crankier than he usually is?!

Babies cry…that’s my motto…sometimes they cry because of no apparent reason… well…moms cry too….hew hew hew…

Talking about that…I am desperate to get my energy back! My extra energy…forget about being supermom! I am barely awake by 9 pm… well to be fair, I do get up at 4 or 5 just to pump…despite my sleep being interrupted few times by the little hand… 

but how did other moms do it?! How can they have the energy or the time to do anything else but taking care of their baby and go to work?!

Omg….i need helpppppp!!!

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