The POWER of POWER-pumping

Ok….so power-pumping is what you should do when your milk-flow drop.
When power pumping, you will pump for 20mins, rest 10mins, pump again 10 mins then rest again, then pump again for 10mins. Means in total you need about 50-1hr. Well there is no definite time actually. Some pump for about 10 mins, rest 10 and repeat till 1 hour. (That’s what I did).
Why power-pump? Power-pump, in addition to drinking enough water and eating sensibly, can actually boost your milk-production. What it is supposed to do is actually sending signals to the brain that the baby needs more milk (through the suction)…hence the body will produce more milk. Forget the expensive milk-booster…this one is a definite success…just remember to eat and drink enough water.
I guess a much disciplined mom will do this at the same time every day. As for me, I power pump anytime I can. It was such a success to me that I guess I am addicted to it. It is tiring…mind you…sitting there for 1 hour…but the result is so convincing. Give it few days for the milk to come in…some said 3 days…some maybe less or more. Persevere..insya allah you will get the reward.  🙂

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