Where should I even start?
Since the little one came to my life, I barely had time for anything else besides loving him… 😛
But it is true…I am smitten! I am in love all over again. Woke up every day and see their faces…I am falling head over heels.
Good news good news… he is still fully breastfeed. Since I have started working, this is a new challenge to me. Maintaining a good supply is almost impossible. Just almost…but it is still possible. 
All it need is extra support and extra rest (which I can hardly get any lately).
People asked me how I managed to exclusively breastfeed him till now…I can’t give you any tips without saying I have been blessed with a very supportive husband and a very patient child. Even when there is no or little milk-flow, all my little guy did was whine…and all I can do is coax him and try again later. 
Nope…my baby is not baby-michelin…but he is not underweight either…and for that I am grateful. 
And nope…my fridge isn’t full with ebm. I expressed the milk today for his use tomorrow.  I keep in it the chiller instead of freezer. I am one of this paranoid mom who believes that chilled ebm is far better than frozen one, with one condition, u must use it within 2-3 days. 
When I am at home, I rarely give him bottle. Direct-latch is always better. Plus it helps with the minimal ebm I have. 
So there…that is all the tips I can tell you. When the milk-production is low, I choose to sleep and power-pump when I have enough rest. When I am at home, I choose direct-latch over bottle-feed. I tried to eat proper food and drink enough water (if not more).
It is hard…it is tiring. I can’t remember the last time I left home without my little guy (except when I left for work)…I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night cuz lately he woke up several time for night-feed. I can’t remember the last time I truly had a long shower… & I can’t remember the last time I stop thinking about him. J being a mom is absolutely tiring….absolutely over-whelming…absolutely time-consuming…but yet I have never feel more alive! 😉

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