Now i understand why some moms loves to upload their ebm (expressed breast milk)…cuz it really take a lot of energy n effort to pump! 

I cant comment more on pumping cuz …hihi…i am too lazy to do so. Plus i find it easier to dl (direct latch) without all the bottle and pumping and storing fuss. 

When the nurse weighed him yesterday and told me he has reach 5kg, i m overjoyed. I felt like all my sweat and tears are paid off. All my short showers and quickie meal and 2second toilet break seems nothing now. My baby is 5kg in just 2 months. Meaning he is eating(well..drinking) well. Alhamdulillah. 

Give it overnight and suddenly i realized i am being selfish. This is not my ‘contribution’ alone. This is ours! My husband and me. Sure he is ‘exempted’ from feeding our baby but he is there for everything else! 

I can still remember when my obgyn asked me if i would bf my child and i said yes. I also told her that my husband is my biggest supporter. She smile widely and say, “his support is all you need”…and oh boy wasnt that the truth…all the help and back-rub he gave…just makes this bf journey so worthwhile. Totally worth while. 

I dont know why some moms choose fm…they must have their personal reason cuz every mom wants the very best for their child.

But those of you who are expecting, maybe i can advice you this, be prepared to bf your newborn. To exclusively bf your newborn. Trust yourself that your body will produce enough milk for your child…because that is the case unless you have medical reason (which is highly unlikely…). The first latch should be within 2hours after delivery…(mine was within 2-3hours…cuz they told me they need to keep my newborn under the warmer or something…they intend to do so for 5hours, if i m not mistaken, but my husband, keeps on asking the nurse and finally they agree to bring our newborn to us…i mean he is ours…didnt i just push him out into the world?! And why would he need a warmer when his mom is alive and able to warm him up?! Manas padu pasal ya..haha)…

Anyway…my point is, try hard and try harder to bf your newborn. If you have a very hard time after deliver and you cant dl..its ok…you can expressed ur milk and gave it to the nurse…ask them to feed ur newborn using feeding cup or spoon or syringe.. tell them that you plan to bf your newborn and surely they will understand…

If they dont…oh well…its ok. Once you n ur baby are home, start to dl…never ever give up…never ever scold your newborn…sooth them and try again…they might wail their heart out…take a deep breath and try again…its ok…sooth them..hold them lovingly…insya allah…  😉 

P/s: its not that easy for me either but i am desperate….i am desperately wanting to bf my baby…and alhamdulillah my prayers are answered… 

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