here comes my baby boo

Dear abandoned blog…sorry for abandoning u…
Just kidding.
Life has been perfect.
It has been a month and i m adjusting to it. 
My current passion is ‘breastfeeding’.
Right now i feel like if there is one thing to fight for, its exclusive breastfeeding. 
Giving your newborn formula (milk) is not the worst thing ever but giving them breast milk is the best thing ever and ever…
Plus its free!
And formula cost a fortune!
With formula you need water heater (which mean electricity/gas for the stove), hot water(obviously), feeding bottle, sterilizer, soap (k cuci bah) and etc….plus when u go out, u need to pack everything! Oh…thermos to keep the hot water…ngeh ngeh
But if u exclusive-breastfeeding, all u need is boobs…and ur cute baby…and a balance meal ( u need this even if u dont breastfeed)…if u go out, all u need is extra shawl or nursing cover or if ur shawl is long enough, u dont need that extra! 😉
If u bf, in the middle of the night, when ur baby cry for milk, u can just rolled him to ur side n feed him..then u both can fall asleep when feeding.. :p ( just keep a pillow behind him to keep him laying on his side…utk elak tersedak susu). 
Plus it means ur hubby will help with the diaper changing and everything else…cuz he cant feed the he will be looking forward to help any other way… 😉 
Did i mention it is free?! 
Forget the hundred ringgit supplement as ur milk-booster. Find something that work for you! Find some daily food/drink that can boost ur production…as for me, i am loyal to milo, hot chocolate, milk, horlic, goat milk (hi-goat), half-boiled egg and lots of other food that doesnt cost a fortune…
P/s: i have no problem with anyone taking the supplement to help with their milk supply… 😉 
Most of all, believe u can do it. Allah has created us so perfectly…why would we doubt if we can or cannot do it?! That is what boobs are for (ehemm…excuse the language… :p)
Ask for support from your husband…he is all u need…trust me!
When the others are pushing you to feed your baby with formula cuz ur baby is crying after feeding, all u need is your husband by your side. 

       All you need to do is just feed him again…or atleast just cradle  him to sleep…sometimes the baby just want to be cuddled… to be close to us…cuz that is the closest he can be to his previous ‘home’…

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