Lets get serious

Putting my serious face on..(as if! :P)

So…let me share some of the info/knowledge I have earn throughout this pregnancy of mine (ecece..macam pandey gilak!)

Now, I will just share the ‘surface’…I am no expert…to know more, read and ask around and read some more…

  1. Ultra-scan is actually bad for baby. The longest exposure our baby can be exposed to the scan is 15mins max per session (if I am not mistaken)…why? It might cause miscarriage in some mom…It might caused brain damage to some baby… it might be the reason why more and more babies born authistic…it might…so better be safe than sorry.
  1. Bathing you newborn in warm water only can be bad for his/her bones…well..i’ve just read this from some mak bidan. I think there is truth behind this. The trick was to bath baby in warm water, then for the last rinse, use cold water…
  1. Maternal milk (e.g anmum, fosil (eh..apa nama ya?!)…or any brand, is good and bad at the same time. Careful not to get GDM (gestational diabetes m-something)..the type of diabetes you get when you are pregnant…most of this commercial maternal milk has high-sugar-contain….and trust me…you really-really-really don’t want to get diabetes at all…
  1. Check-up at KKIA (the government Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak), is actually better than monthly check-up in private clinic (no offense, I went to private clinic myself…but I also went to KKIA). Why? It is cheaper (free semenanya). Why? Less scan…at KKIA, the doc only do the ultra-scan at your first visit, then around 20thweeks and 38th weeks (more if you have any prob)…at private clinic, the doc will do the scan each and everytime…sure you can say no…but trust me, you will be too excited to get a peek at your baby to say no to your doc (at least I am). In KKIA, they check your Hb monthly for free! They palpate your tummy to learn the position of your baby (no ultrascan…but there is still the Doppler-scan…I wish they didn’t use that as well..). They check your hands and feet for edema. They check your weight-gain and your blood pressure. Best of all, they gave good advice! They teach you everything from taking care of yourself, to taking care of your newborn later… and this is all for free! The older your nurse is, the better, because in this case, older means they are experienced… if you don’t agree with them, just smile, its ok…you can always choose what to take and what to ignore….
  1. Surround yourself with positive people and positive stories…before this, people keep on telling me how scary childbirth is, how painful it is, how the episiotomy is actually more painful than the childbirth itself! (urghhh…I am all against epi!) …ok….to be fair, I don’t have any experience in this, but to surround yourself with negative people with negative stories and will just serah-diri bulat2 to the doc, is really not my cup of tea. I am not undermining anyone… I am just someone who understands that the doctors are tied with the hospital policy and sometimes, the decision they make is the best and safest to avoid any lawsuit should something goes wrong. They are playing with the better be safe than sorry. Eg in the case of episiotomy. Why oh why this unnecessary procedure being done routinely before? Because it is the quickest way to get the baby out…so baby is safe and the doc is safe…what about the mom? She is safe as well…but recovering from epi is far worse than natural tear(if there is!)…unless the doc did a really good job…a really good job….there are a lot of uncertainties here. Even without episiotomy, the baby is safe, the doc is safe and the mommy is even safer…of course…let’s just say, I will say yes to epi when there is really a need for one…really really needed one…
  1. spinningbabies.com has the best tips ever on avoiding breech babies
  1. Ina-May Gaskin’s guide to childbirth is the best book to read…the birthing stories makes you can’t wait for your own experience.
  1. Join a group of expecting moms, the best if you can find those with the same edd as you. You guys can be clueless together and support each other….there is no one is more understanding than the person who is going through the same thing as you at the same time.
  1. Don’t buy maternity clothes..it is expensive! Just buy bigger clothes…much bigger clothes.
  1. Read and read and ask around…but don’t expect other mom’s experience will be the same like yours. You are you, carrying your child….and your child is a totally different baby than theirs. In other words, get educated but keep an open mind.

Ok…enough with 10 things….too much of anything won’t do anyone any good… ;)

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