9 months

Happy 9 months to baby!!! 😉

The truth is , I didnt even realized we have reach 9 months. My preggy-mind somehow thought that 9 months=40weeks ..well most apps consider 40 weeks is the longest … well 40-42weeks … and we’ve been told again n again that pregnancy last for 9 months….never in my mind to realized that it is actually simple math… 36weeks/4=9months…silly me

So how am I feeling?


Minus the sleepless night and the backache and the crazy-mood swing and wanting to lay down all day and the I’m-hungry-all-the-time-but-can-only-eat-sesuapdua-at-once…

Hey…I am great… hehe

Cant believe one month left….I m counting days actually. Pray for me that baby will leave the womb between 40th-42nd weeks….aminnnn 😉 ney tauk sempat g pengilan nua…hihi

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