By now I have gained 10 kg! 
Yup…no kidding. But I guess that’s a little compared to those who gained 20kg! 
Oh well…who am I kidding. I started this pregnancy with ‘lots of extra weight’!
This reminds me again n again how important it is to be healthy before you get pregnant!
I won’t sugarcoat this.
 I am tired just by walking up few flights of stairs. 
I can’t sleep.
My body is ‘over-heated’ all the time.
I am hungry all the time.
I have to pee all the time.
My ankles decided to start aching this morning. I realized it as I was walking up the stairs.
I am desperately sleepy at noon.
Deciding what to wear is amazingly challenging. Having this Kim K body is fun but at the same time, I don’t want to be labelled as Kim K wannabe. Haha…I have to be extra careful to cover this bumps and lumps…oh well..the perks of being a woman! 😉
If I move to fast, especially when ‘climbing’ out of the car or when ‘turning’ on bed, I will get this sharp pain…as if I stretch a muscle…
The list will go on and on and on. I am desperately clingy with my husband.  Even me myself amaze with his patience! 😛
But then…I feel this flutter in my tummy (or kick or punch or that ngilu-ness when baby moves and grind against your bone)..i will smile and laugh and suddenly all the pain is totally worth it!
When I started to get miserable from being far from my husband, I remind myself, everyone has their own challenges. So this is my challenges and my blessings… 😉

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