To wrap or not to wrap?

Been contemplating on this for months now.


I am divided.

At one point I have decided not to wrap….reason

  • If its back carry, the wrap will be snugly across my chest…which is..ehem…xl in size….sexy sangat la pulak
  • Heat! Its a warm country and I am hot! Haha…..I am a big size mommy-to-be. All that extra heat will be transfered to my baby…will both of us be comfortable that way?
  • Mahal nyaaaaaa….dats the reason I cudnt decide to just get myself one of the wraps and try…its quite pricey for try-&-error. But I do understand why it is that pricey…look at the material used. 
On the other hand, just read an article on the fourth trimester. Yada yada yada…there used to be just 3 trimester…but now there is 4th trimester. The months when your newborn make the transition to our world. Their world used to be dark and wet and snuggly. Our world is bright and dry(?) and cold! 

The keyword is to hold our baby as often as possible. They’ve been craddled in the womb for 9 months and suddenly we left them on the mattress, alone, with loud noises and air and nothing to craddle them (thats why we swaddle them!). 

So baby wearing is perfect actually. We can actually hold our baby and still have 2 free hands…..

So the question is…to wear or not to wear? To wrap or not to wrap? 

Its a 2nd world dilemma (up skit dari 1st world dilemma… :p )

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