Modified Glucose Tolerance Test atau nama glamernya “minum air gula”!
So last week, during my fortnightly check-up, my weight has (unfortunately) reach the boarder… I know the importance of having a healthy weight, especially when you are not pregnant! Your starting weight will determine how much you are allowed to gain during pregnancy…well.. “allowed” in a sense to keep you and your baby healthy.
Anyway…MGTT…it is a pretty simple procedure. You are required to fast starting 10pm the night before…no food or drinks..except plain water. 
Then you came in at 8 am. They took your blood sugar level (just a poke on your finger). Then they asked you to drink the sugar-drink. 
OK…people has over-rated this sugar drink. It is nothing! The worse thing is it makes you want to cough, because of the extreme sweetness. My advice is to drink it fast…so you can finish it all before you started to get dizzy….yup…you will feel dizzy and nausea after a while. A friend advise me to stay put…so I did and even that goes away after 15mins or less. 
Ok…in my opinion, some people may have a prolong dizziness or nausea feeling. I think it depends on your body system. Alhamdulillah I don’t have diabetes so my body can process the sugar quickly and brings down my blood-sugar level to normal…hence no more dizziness for me…and my theory was right for me when the doctor declared I am not diabetic, 2 hours later! (yup…after taking the sugar-drink, you need to wait for another 2 hour before they poke you again. No food, nothing..except plain water…and if you throw-up…you need to take the sugar-drink AGAIN! So it’s best to keep it down…) 
Then…you are free to go! 🙂
Well…if you are not diabetic that is…if you are, maybe you need to do some other test…I am not so sure…
Goodluck! 😉

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