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Life has been hard lately…challenging actually…saying life is hard is unfair..
So lets talk about things that makes me happy….baby….or more precisely, my baby in my womb
So this is the last trimester….insya allah in few weeks’ time, I will cradle our baby in my arms…or watching my husband cradle our baby in his arm…I know I will have to ‘fight’ for it..haha..both of us are crazy with baby..i am sure we will become crazier with our own…minus the fact we will be crazy tired….
Ok…enough crazy talk…
So, being me, I am a very simple person (I think)…and I realized that most of the things that people buy for their 1st newborn, is not that necessary. Luckily my husband and me agree on this. 
Let us see the  items that didn’t make it to must-buy-item:

  • Baby cot….baby will be sleeping with me (my husband will sleep on the floor …its good for his bad back anyway.. :P)….plus I don’t have enough space for the baby cot and I think baby needs to sleep with their parents…maybe until baby is 2 years old….don’t you think?
  • Stroller! People rolled their eyes when we told them we don’t want to buy any stroller….maybe just not yet. I have a friend who rarely use stroller….she just carry her baby anywhere she goes. When she needed extra hand, she will drag along someone to help her (e.g when buying groceries and stuff). Okay…some of us don’t really have the luxury of having an extra set of hand to help and stroller is a necessity and I realized I may become one of them soon enough….but for now, we’ve decided to carry our baby…in carrier….or in wraps 
    • p/s: talking about wrap… I joined babywearing mamas group on fb…. I was SHOCKED to see the price…well…since it’s a wrap, it should be cheaper right? Wrong…..but after realizing how big and how “secure” the wraps are…. I think the price are quite reasonable…just that I am still being cekeding (hmmm..kedekut)..…
  • Steamer….to sterilized the bottle and pacifier and such. Do you know the price of a steamer especially for bottle (feeding bottle)?! Around RM400-500 plus. Do you know the price of a good periuk that can be used for the same purpose? Around RM200 (this are branded ones…you can get a cheaper, with average quality, with only RM100)…
  • Bottle warmer…come on people…be creative…we’ve decided that all we need is an electric boiler or water heater in the kitchen….ehh…we already have one (kan jimatttt)
  • Baby’s milk formula…. I am determine to breastfeed….and among the many reason, is to cut cost…I don’t even think about buying any formula for a back-up plan….really truly hope this is possible….amin 
  • Baby’s body wash…ok…so I read this natural way of taking care of your child (I am all in for natural thingy)….so we know the common baby’s body wash is full with chemicals (let’s face it). Luckily this book (that my mum bought for me from the big bad wolf sale), mentioned about this. Guess what, they said, why we don’t use oatmeal instead. Grind them finely and add it to the water bath for baby. Ok…I get 2 extreme reaction from this: person a) then your baby wont smell nice! (itsokay…baby has their own sweet-baby smell). Person b) wont it attract the ants? (tsssskkkkkkk).
Ok I know I am being cekeding (kedekut)..haha…but this is a longggggggggggg wayyyyyyy to goooooo…. 😉

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