The Tiny Human Inside

Things I missed
 1. The pleasure of lying (sleeping) on my back. turns out sleeping on your side is the best…it improves your blood circulation as well as ur kidney function.
2. The pleasure of peeing. When you are expecting, you’ll pee every 1/2 hour…too much of anything is boring..haha
3. To jump. T_T
Heh..turns out there arent too many things that I missed…I am, alhamdulillah, enjoying my pregnancy. Of course every day is a new experience. You can feel totally fine one day and the next you’ll have heartburns or hip-pain or nausea or anything…
During our kursus pra-perkahwinan, this one penceramah (apa penceramah in bi?! Ohh…absentminded is another simptom you get when expecting….drives me crazy sometime..huhu)…anyway…this one penceramah remind us that, when expecting, don’t push yourself too hard. Walk for 15mins then get a 5 mins rest then walk some more.
I never really pay attention to this.
Till one day, I went shopping by myself. So I walked from noon till around 5pm. I felt fine…that was till that night. I cried myself to sleep. I was crazy tired (finally it kicked in) but I just cant sleep.
Truly, your body changes when you are expecting.
Then there is one thing most expecting mom hate the most, when people touch their belly. Me, personally, don’t really mind, cuz I see it as that person is excited about the preggy-belly as I am. Hehe.
Anyway a preggy mom wrote an article, “why I don’t mind people touching my preggy belly”. There is only one reason, because she realized that pregnancy is the most amazing thing and some women just cant no matter how bad she wants it. So if touching a pregnant belly makes her happy, why not?
Reading her article, makes me realized how lucky I am. I truly am. I am head over heels with this pregnancy…although there are parts of me being cautious…I always told myself, if anything happens, I will always have this amazing 7 months experience…and I pray for all of my friends to have this experience as well….insya allah.
Talking about fate….just believe Allah knows the best for you. Although sometimes life seems hard and you just cant get what you want…smile and say to yourself..Allah knows best. 🙂
I am loving my life to the max ….kadang2 tergelincir…kadang2 mengeluh…I wanna change that!
We all should change that… 😉

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