7 more days to 2014
End of last year, I was engaged to my bestfriend.
End of this year, we are expecting our 1st child.
End of next year? We both will be chasing our child….hehe… Insya Allah.
It surely has been so long since I have any post. 
Life has been nothing but blessed. 
Challenges here and there but I am too busy counting my blessings….and so should you.
My reading lately has been nothing but about pregnancy and having a child and growing a child and owh….MOCKINGJAY! haha
The movie was too good till I cant wait for the movie to know the endings. So reading it is.
Pregnancy is the best experience ever. 
Don’t concentrate on the challenges…just enjoy the perks and fun and happy thoughts.
Feeling the 1st kick is unimaginable. It is like a soft bubble bursting in your tummy…I couldn’t stop smiling each time it happens.
Well…the 1stkick is like a soft bubble….the 50th kick feels like a small fist trying to get through your tummy wall! It is especially ‘painful’ if its behind your belly-button…but still…I will still smile and laugh…no matter how sharp it felt, it is still the best feeling ever…haha…seriously!
My friend describes it as,” Sronok kena terajang!”…haha
If baby kick hard enough, we can see our tummy moves. Sometimes baby will stick their feet or hand or elbow (I have no idea what that is!), and we will see little bump pointing out from our tummy. Sometimes when we pat it softly, baby will move it inside….then do it again…its like playing a little game with us.
One thing so obvious is that whenever I am around my husband, baby will kick far stronger than when I am alone. I am not kidding! Once, both of us were surprised to see how my tummy “jumps” a little from baby’s kick. It is like baby can feel the presence of baby’s dad. 🙂
I’m sharing the rainbow and butterflies … I am leaving out the other side of it. Hehe. Growing tiny human inside of you is a hard work. Your appetite gone then comes back with a revenge. Your body aches. You couldn’t sleep just anyway you like. Hah…this morning, I swing one of my legs far too quickly as I was getting out of the car and what do I get? A sharp pain just below my tummy. 
I remembered how I cried because I was so tired but too uncomfortable to sleep. I will wake up once or twice each night to pee….sometimes I will just wake up…startled…it is worst if I realized I was sleeping on my back! (preggy moms are not supposed to do that…it’s bad for baby). The heartburn…oh the heartburn…
When you are pregnant, you are not supposed to lean back so much…it will interfere with baby’s position. U have to lean forward, you have to do this…you have to do that…you are not supposed to do that….you must not do this!
But when people asked me how am I feeling? I will say I feel great! Never better…..cuz honestly, that is how I feel. 
How can I not be grateful for this experience? 
I keep on praying that every woman in this world will have this experience…I honestly do. And if anything after this, I will always have this experience to hold on to…
thank you…..thank you…thank you…

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