Recently I read that ultrasound is actually damaging to the unborn baby. It may cause brain-damage.  I repeat, ‘it MAY cause brain damage.” How severe it is depends on time of exposure.
As a 1st time mommy-to-be, looking at the image of your baby is surely exciting. I was over the moon when I saw the black-and-white image (although I can’t really tell the different between the baby’s head and the bum…haha).
Anyway, when I read it, I was somehow glad that I only have few (compared to other mommy who had one at each check-up).
Just now I read on a forum when a young excited mommy tells her story how her baby showing off all of the action when she gets an ultra-sound (what concerned me is that the person who is doing that is not a real professional in ultrasound…I dared to say so because 1) they couldn’t differentiate the umbilical cord from the baby’s penis 2) it sounds like ‘just-for-fun’ ultrasound done by her friend). She said after sometime, the baby starts to get real active and shows off different ‘action’ for them.
Biting my tongue, I wanted to tell her so badly it is because of the baby is actually uncomfortable. It is said that prolong exposure to the umbilical cord can actually cause the environment in the womb become warmer…
Another thing that interest me is that, in the articles I read, they emphasis how irony it is that high-risk mom are prone to have more ultra-sound compared to the rest of us. Sure it is to monitor the condition of the pregnancy closely…but in the same time, the ultra-sound itself carries its own risk to the pregnancy.  
I guess the key is moderation….too much of everything is actually bad….
I am not sure what my conclusion is but I do wish more people aware of this.

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