Flickering Baby

As I am typing this, my baby is kicking me nonstop since few minutes ago.
I was so stressed at work today, I forgot about my baby till I start feeling the flutters….
Then suddenly my day doesn’t seem that bad.
There is no excuse for what happened at work.
It is just me.
My focus is somewhere else.
My wants is something else.
My needs are being ignored but my desire is being granted.
It is sad to admit but I cringe knowing some people are clapping so hard, and smiling as wide… as they watch me tumbling over…
Someone who gave me good advice is also the same person throwing me under the bus. It is ok. All is well and I do forgive you. You are just trying to jaga your periuk nasi.
Right now, nothing can go wrong…yet everything is not right.
When I am down, my baby will remind me of its presence and ‘kick’ me into survival-mode again.
and yes….i am blessed

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