This is going to sound so vain but hey..hihi

So there are many old wives’ tale on pregnancy.
Among them is about the gender of the baby.
They said that, if the mother is pregnant with a baby girl, other baby boy will like her… and if the mother is pregnant with a baby boy, other baby girl will like her… can I make this simpler?
For example, if…. IF I am having a girl, baby boy lovessss to be around me….and vice versa.
Get it?
Recently I found out the gender of my baby and tralala…somehow I think the tale is true..hehe
I love babies. I always do and never ever give up the chance to cradle them.
So recently, I discovered that babies of a specific gender loves me more than the other gender.
So much till I feel like it is a superpower! Haha
Yesterday I was on a flight home and a baby was crying so loud all through the flight. I find myself wondering if the baby is a boy or a girl….i was wondering cuz maybe I can help them! Hahaha…can you believe that?! I laughed at myself…I told myself…wow fiela…u really  think you have superpower?
The superpower to calm babies! kikiki  
p/s: whoever don’t love babies are crazy!

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