gomen punya klinik

I am going for my 2nd check up today, at least 2nd one at the Klinik Kesihatan. I am half excited, half not so excited. Excited because I will be hearing about my baby progress (I hope). Not so excited because it’s the klinik kesihatan and we can never guess what will happen there.
I had a good 1stvisit. Compared to the time they sent me away for coming late. Mind you, I call at 10.45am, asking them if it’s ok for me to come now, and they said it is fine. I arrived at 11am and they said it’s too late. I was shocked! It was not even 12noon. I just walk-away (definitely upset) but refuse to argue.
My appointment for this time was actually last Wednesday. But I have class on Wednesday. So I call them on Monday, to check if its ok for me to come on Monday or Tuesday instead.  An annoyed-sound nurse answer my call, she told me I can’t come on Monday because its too crowded.  I shouldn’t come on Tuesday either, because it will be crowded as well.  She asked me to come the following week (this week). Deep inside, I was asking myself, wouldn’t next week be crowded as well? Again, I refuse to argue and just agree. We will see how not crowded today is…
Another thing is that, they love to ask us to come before 8. They open at 8. They expect us to come and wait for them and then “berebut” to get the number. I find that is so ridiculous. Even when they said we have appointment on that day, they won’t give us any specific time. They expect us to arrive there at 8 (or before 8) and wait like the rest.
I am not expecting a 1st class treatment. It is after all a government hospital and I am aware they are overworked (at least that’s what I thought). But I do expect some civilized treatment. I know they usually dealt with a group of people who don’t have any respect for time.
One thing they should also realize is that, this people respect laws and authoritative voice. If you tell them to come at 9, they will be late the 1st time, but give them a lesson. Make them wait longer or asked them to come the next day, and I bet you, they will come on time next time. A simple lesson like that can go a long way! Next time they will remind their daughter to be on time because the government hospital is so strict! They will complain but who doesn’t right? At least they learn some discipline in their life.
But who am I kidding. It’s the staff who needs the lesson first (hahaha).
I am still upset at the female doctor there. She makes some unnecessary remark about me! You don’t have to be friendly, but you don’t have to be rude. I don’t even ask any stupid question. I let her do her thing… I guess that happened because she is young…(trying to pujuk myself).
There are however something good about the place. I love the nurse who attends me. She didn’t treat me like a queen, she treat me like a human. We chat, she gave good advice, she answers my stupid question patiently and she addresses all my worries calmly. She is a senior. Maybe the same age as my mum.
See the different?
But even the nurse who took my blood is nice. We didn’t chat. All she has to do is draw some blood (and it hurts! I was comparing her technique with the guy at the blood donation place…and hers really need some improvement…sakit ok!)….but she is nice…and she is YOUNG! Maybe my age
Entahlah…lain orang lain fe-el…..

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