My birthday post

I just realized that this year, I forgot my birthday post. Haha

Am I that old? Old enough to forget my own birthday? Aiyerr…. I hope not.
Anyway…this year, I was away from my family during my birthday. I was with my husband instead! (I know…my husband is my family…but you all get what I mean)….but hey…I am happy. I still get the smses wishing happy birthday…thanks guys….cant believe you guys still remember it (lets pretend FB didn’t remind you guys..haha) and care enough to text me! 😉
The greatest birthday gift this year would be my sponsored child from Pakistan. I have been waiting for her profile since I make that 1st donation…and coincidentally I received it on my birthday (minus the fact that they sent it earlier and it was me who couldn’t check my mail till my birthday!). 
I am 27 years old. 
Earlier this year, I did my very first blood donation. It is a big thing for me! I’ve wanted to do so since god knows when but too scared to actually do it. Planned to go for the 2nd donation sometime on May…but I was crazy busy and just couldn’t find the time. When I am finally settling down, I find myself couldn’t donate anymore…at least not now…heh heh
Middle of the year, got married. If you asked me last year, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that I am getting married this year! It just happen… we remain friends after all this time and pooffff…we are married! Hehe… We were perfect for each other….and there’s that!
Few months after that, more good news… I am truly blessed. 😉
On the other side…life has been a real challenge for me. Work and some personal issue (that is not so personal anymore) has been kicking my **s.. (I just love to do that..hehe)…but finally I know what my priority is and allowing myself to ‘wallow’ in my trouble is the last thing I should do. So we should face them bravely and wisely and keep on living! 😉
happy 27th! 😉

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