I was so damn sleepy at the office …tried to brush it off with tea but no luck….and coffee will just make me feel sick! Seriously! So lets mengular di alam maya kejap.
Anyway….lately, I’ve been having weird dreams. Most of the time, I don’t have any dreams! (even if I did, I won’t remember them at all in the morning). 
But lately I’ve been having weird dreams (and remember them well enough!)…. My latest weird dream would be the one I had few nights ago. 
So in it, I was at a resort. I was lazing around at the balcony of our room (can’t remember who I am with though)….when I suddenly saw a big blue whale swimming towards the beach. Suddenly the beach dried up, leaving the whale on the sand. Luckily the whale is in some sort of a puddle and she is still breathing. Then a group of people came, (again, I don’t recognize any of them), then we (me included okay), then we tried to save the whale. We built some sort of pathway that fits the whale, then we just push the whale towards the sea through the pathway.  It’s a very hard work since the whale is very big…crazy big….but we did it. Watching her swimming in the ocean is the biggest satisfaction of all. 
I am still smiling because of that dream. Haha…….but why on earth am I dreaming about the blue whale? Crazyyyyy….

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