It all started with a back pain. Usually I won’t even realized that I’ve been sitting down for few hours straight but that week, I can’t even sit still for more than half an hour. 
But I just brush it off. Telling myself to take more calcium!
Then I get extra sensitive to smells. I especially hated the citrus/lemon/orangey smell. I truly did. At first I thought someone was wearing an extra strong perfume….a lemon smell. Then I enter my car and I can still smell it! Even when I am in my hubby’s car I can smell it! It’s like I can smell it everywhere and it is driving me nuts. But even then, I just brush it off…I told myself that I am just being dramatic.
Then I become so lethargic. It was bulan puasa. So like others, I fast! By that time, I am already suspecting that something is happening (hehe)…but being me…I told myself to wait…just wait…give it a couple of days or weeks before taking the test…..takut baaa…..but fasting was a real challenge for me. I would become so tired like crazy tired by 10 am! I just told myself to eat better during berbuka puasa and sahur. It helps a little but boy….never thought I could feel that weak and tired. It is not so much as hungry or thirsty. I am just so tired like I didn’t get any sleep or didn’t eat for days (seriously).
And boy oh boy…the toilet breaks I need! It drives me crazy sometimes. I even scared myself by asking, “did I get the urine infection or something?!” ..haha…I know…. 😛
Then I went to visit my hubby. I told him my suspicions and surprisingly, he told me to wait as well. Haha. At that moment, I was disappointed with his decision but obey him at the same time….well…sort of. 
So I give it 3 days. 3 days and we didn’t even talk about it (I think! Haha)…then I start to ‘nag’ about it. I was getting anxious. I am late! I have the symptoms. I contacted my close friend and she is supporting me to take the test asap. I was so nervous. So again…brought the subject to Mr.Husband. Finally he agreed. 
We were at his parents’ house at that time. We went to Sunway Carnival Mall, because I told him we can get the test-kit at Watson or (wow….whats the name of the other famous pharmacy?)… anyway…we bought one, go home and I get myself tested. Ooohh….we bought the digital ones! Hehe…..and helo helo….we get the results. 
We were estathic but still can’t believe it. So we went out again (telling his parents we wanted to buy something for berbuka! Haha)…and we drove to the nearest clinic…and it’s closed (it was World Heritage Day or something like that so most of the shops are closed.). Went to KPJ and they told us the specialist is only available on Monday. Went to another clinic, which is luckily open that day but they didn’t have the service. 
So I contacted my sister, asked her how accurate is the test. She said it is accurate. But she also asked us to get a more classic test-kit. Hehe. We went back to Sunway Carnival, went back to the same Watson and bought 2 more. Go home, tested myself and never stop bersyukur ever since.
It was a blessing really. Though it is quite hard for us, cuz we are living apart… but I have never been more grateful in my life. 
Suddenly my life changed….it was changed less than 3 months ago…and now, it has taken another dramatic change… I am grateful..

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