Itu semua ketentuan Ilahi

So lately I’ve been hearing whines from my single-super-marvelous friends about people asking them, “bila gik nak nikah tok?” or “pahal lom kawen?!” or the best thing would be, “iboh choosy gilak bah! Kawen gik sia!” …(stop being so choosy…get married already!)…
Huwau…..friends, I was in the same boat before. Persetankan mereka! (I am not sure what ‘Persetankan’ mean, but hey…it sounds right!).
I know someone who would say this each time someone ask that stupid, insensitive question to her, “tunggu makan hol kitak lok!” …rude and cruel but serves them right.
Never judge people! Never ask people when will they get marry and never ask married people when they will have a child. Never tell them not to wait too long. For all you know, they have been waiting their whole life and your stupid selfish question is the last thing they wanted to hear!
On the other hand, to my married friends, or to all my married-having-a-blast-just-have-kids-or-still-in-the-honeymoon-phase friends or my i-am-getting-married-soon friends, we are not better than our single-amazing-independent-strong friends. We could lose it all tomorrow and they can very well have it all tomorrow. Don’t judge. Don’t think that just because we did it earlier than them, we are wiser! (trust me…it doesn’t necessarily means we are!)
I wish I can give comfort to all of you. I really do. It’s hard. I know. I’ve been there. Felt that. All the time I can only smile faintly. What else can we do at that moment right?
Xpa. Hidup tok adil. Kita mungkin kurang di department A tapi kita lebih di department B. Kita mungkin miskin harta, tapi kita kaya budi pekerti.
p/s: god bless each and everyone of you. This Syawal I met so many amazing people! Wonderful people who shows me “biarlah kita miskin harta, tapi jangan miskin budi pekerti”… makin daif kehidupan seseorang, makin besar hatinya … makes me feels like betapa la kecik sebenarnya kita tok!

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