All of our troubles seem unimportant compared to others … others in the other part of the world. 
That makes me feel like any post I wrote seems so menial…so useless…
Didn’t dare to tackle the bigger issue…surely need more information before I even dare to share my opinion to the rest of the world. Sharing to friends and family require less … they can always correct you…and that’s how you will learn more. Post it here, and I will have people correcting me harshly, sometimes their opinion is more ridiculous than mine…the thing is, people who judge me the most, is people who are afraid to reveal their identity…scared much? The information is more acceptable if the resource person is reliable….an anonymousis not a reliable person. 
I met an Iraqi family yesterday. I couldn’t help but asking myself, how are they feeling? They are safe and sound here but back at their hometown, their family and friends are fighting for life…  I am too scared to ask them that though…
On the brighter side, we were chatting about labor and such and she told me that she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, weighing 4.5kg! How amazing is that? She did it naturally. I am sooooooooooooooo in awe with her when I heard that. She is no larger than me! haha 
Well I guess that’s how they live. They think about their suffering at back at their hometown but they didn’t let it drag them down. Some act on it, some pray, some give donation…there are thousand ways to help them…
Ooohhh…..which reminds me… I would like very much to invite you guys to sponsor a child. I did this with Islamic Relief Malaysia. I informed them my interest through their website, and then they sent me an email, telling me what to do. I fill in the form, make the first contribution.  Within one week they sent me a profile of my sponsored daughter! The feeling was amazing! Her name is Sundas Irfan. She has 5 siblings. She is currently living with her mom (her dad pass-away some time ago). It is my hope that with my little donation, she will get good food and education and then be able to help her family! Isn’t that amazing?! I never met her (and probably I never will) but when I get her picture, I cried (okay…I know I cry over everything! :P)… they said that we can send letters to them but I haven’t done that part…I am still too overly emotional. huhu
Do something….do anything! 😉

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