DILEMA AURAT WANITA ketika bersalin!

Haha…..have nothing much to talk about…..
Uhhh….i do
Do you know that it is WAJIB for a husband to find a female gynae for his wife? The priority-list should be: 
1. Muslim Female
2. Non Muslim Female
3. Muslim Male
4. Non Muslim Male
It is obvious I am not the best person to talk about this. Read one book and already I am an expert? Haha…. 
But I really want to share about it. I come across this book accidentally one day and just bought it without much thought….it’s just I never read it till recently….so the book I am mentioning is….. “ Dilema aurat wanita bersalin ketika bersalin” by Dr. Zaharudin Mohammad
It is just 191 pages …. RM19.00 at Popular….so people, go and get yours today.
Anyway, for you guys who are quite lazy to read (kekekeke…no offense)…keep in mind that your first priority should be finding a female OBGYN. A Muslimah. Sure, it is quite possible if you can afford private hospital. For us who can’t really afford it, all we have is the government hospital and we all know far too well how the system works there. Keep in mind that we can request for a female OBGYN in government hospital. It is our right. Unfortunately we have to fight for it.
In that precious book, there is a real-case when this wife got a male midwife and she fight for it (dah nak beranak ni…but she truly fights for it…) and suddenly they gave her a female midwife! After telling her there is no female midwife available bla bla bla…suddenly there is one pop up out of nowhere cuz she truly fights for it.
I mean of course not all of us can be that lucky…be it we fight for it or not. But my point is, we can request for a female midwife even in the government hospital. Write a letter, fight for it. Make sure your husband fight for it. 
Unless…unless it is truly a life or death question…(that’s why you need to read the book on your own…huhu).
It’s sad that we have to fight for it in this Islamic Country. 
I mean how embarrassing it is for us to expose us to the male doctor? 
We cover up our hair and body and suddenly we have to expose our MAHKOTA because we are pregnant?! 
We do have a choice…we do have female midwife somewhere…sure its not enough but we do…and if we look for them, we will find them…at least we try to find them! USAHA! 
With that, I rest my case… do wish we are more sensitive on this issue… do wish our leader do something on this… i wish it is not that easy for a male to be an OBGYN… I wish the system help our muslimah to at least have a female midwife without having to fight so very hard for it!

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