Just a little bit…

I’ve been pondering about sharing this for months now. I refuse to share at first cuz scared of what it will make me feel later…but upon advice from someone, I know now, good things are meant to be shared.
So for few months now, each time I get my salary, I will go shopping with a very dear friend. We will spend on groceries especially the basic needs; rice, sugar, canned food, eggs, soap and such. Then we will send it to unfortunate family. 
I am lucky because my dearest friend knows which family to give it to… it is her daily job to reach the people in need. (You won’t believe some of the stories she share sometimes! I wish she can share it to all of you. We just have no idea, no idea at all, how lucky we all are! Or how unlucky we actually are…)
 You will be surprised how little money it will cost you, compared to the feelings you get later. The feelings you get will stay with you for days, or even months….and hopefully forever. I still remember each of the family I met and believe me, they are the ones who gave me the greatest lessons in life. 
Prof Muhaya is an optometrist. Each time she succeeded operating on her patients, she will say, she is just a tool. Everything is from Allah.
That is how I feel. I am just a tool. I get all this rezeki and I am the tool to keep some and share some. 
It is my hope that many more of my friends do the same thing. Trust me…it is fun! Shopping for others is more fun than shopping for yourself… 🙂
p/s: if you are interested and just didn’t know how to reach them, let me know. I will do my best to help you helping others…it is my greatest pleasure!

3 thoughts on “Just a little bit…

  1. kecewa bila banyak golongan 'educated' masih keliru tentang 'tanggungjawab' vs 'budi', 'duit rakyat'…terhutang budi kah kita pada orang yang kita bayar untuk jalankan tugas?

    Banyaknya yang bodoh. mcmana nak maju.

  2. Dear Angelsoul86,

    Just in case people sik brapa paham maksud entry kitak, mohon izin kmk share some dalils about bersedekah ok =)

    Al-Quran > Surah An-Nisaa'> Ayat 8

    Dan apabila kerabat (yang tidak berhak mendapat pusaka) dan anak-anak yatim serta orang-orang miskin hadir ketika pembahagian (harta pusaka) itu, maka berikanlah kepada mereka sedikit daripadanya dan berkatalah kepada mereka dengan kata-kata yang baik.

    Al-Quran > Surah An-Nisaa'> Ayat 39

    Dan apakah (kerugian) yang akan menimpa mereka jika mereka beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat, serta mereka mendermakan sebahagian dari apa yang telah dikurniakan Allah kepada mereka? Dan (ingatlah) Allah sentiasa Mengetahui akan keadaan mereka.

    Al-Quran > Surah An-Nisaa'> Ayat 114

    Tidak ada kebaikan pada kebanyakan bisik-bisikan mereka, kecuali (bisik-bisikan) orang yang menyuruh bersedekah atau berbuat kebaikan atau mendamaikan di antara manusia dan sesiapa yang berbuat demikian dengan maksud mencari keredaan Allah, tentulah Kami akan memberi kepadanya pahala yang amat besar

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