Cukup2 bak tudip

kou dei kenah pubak likou
jumit2….cukup2 bak tudip

uncle kou slalu dengah kejin, he said, padah jak, ” jumit2….cukup2 bak tudip”

kou luk angai blaja pubak likou….kou blaja ih pun from listening a tama ( mom…i know dad is atama…but what is mom?..huhu) anyway, kou blaja ih pun from listening my mum pubak jegem her siblings. that is all it.

kou mapun dalat last year. luckily kou kenah paham oo…all of them speaking and i will answer them in bm. dei confident….

sayang angai if bahasa likou hilang… just like bahasa baie

haaaa….melanau bintulu a.k.a bahasa baie, kou totally dei kenah pubak….dei understand at all.

there are a few similar words….(cant think of any right now).

oh i miss my grandparents tetiba…isk……

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